KSA Design
Clips series
Client: Inventarrum A/S

The idea is based on “half a table / bench sæt” that can be used solo or in various combinations. The “open” long side gives access to wheelchairusers and the ability to stand at the table.

Form expressions and materials is inspired by the great “origami” folded red metal shell in the Climate Park SøNÆS which CLIPS was designed for. The frame is a tube which is bent and twisted, like a paper clips. Hence the name.

ALBERT Product series

The series is developped for sites that require robust, simple park furniture. It uses oak planks and warmgalvanized steel, which can be dyed as desired. The series also includes a plinth and bike racks a.o.

Design: NATiON & KSA DESIGN + Møller & Grønborg.