KSA Design

Aarhus Design Week 2018

31 exciting and very different products shows the wideness in Danish Design to day.
KSA design is represented by the “BLÅ bænk” series.
Design: NATiON & KSA DESIGN + Møller & Grønborg.
Manufacturer & distributor: Nola AB

23. August 2018

JELLO day and night

At the beach in Fåborg multifunctional JELLOs works both day and night!
Design: NATiON & KSA Design
Manufacturer & distributor: Out-sider.dk

3. July 2018

“DesignSalon” pop-up exhibition Aarhus

ROMA bench and BECCO bollard lamp in “DesignSalons” pop-up exhibition Aarhus October 2017.
Design: Grønlund + KSA DESIGN
DesignSalon > http://www.designsalon.dk/design-aarhus

2. October 2017

CLIPS – half and whole table- and bench-kits to sØnæs

A kit consists of half a table/bench kit, which can be used solo or in various combinations.
The “open” long side provides access to wheelchairs.
Design: NATiON & KSA DESIGN + Møller & Grønborg   Inventarrum

9. September 2016

ROMA-series in designmuseum!

From March 11th the bench and 2 bollards are included in the permanent colllection of Designmuseum Danmark and presented in the exhibition Dansk Design Now. The series is produced by the Belgian company Urbastyle, specialists and leading producer of concrete products to public and urban out-door spaces.
Design: Grønlund + KSA DESIGN    Urbastyle

18. March 2016

JELLO in Designmuseum!

JELLO as well has been included in the Design Museums permanent collection. Bicycle rack, light-bollard, traffic blocking etc. Cast in concrete and equipped with solar-powered LED light that turns on and off automatically.
Design: NATiON & KSA Design    Out-sider.dk

11. March 2016

Becco park lamp 19 places in Copenhagen

The lamp head is distinguished by providing glare-free light with large dispersion. Utilizes LED and new sustainable technologies optimally.
Design: Grønlund & KSA DESIGN    Focus-lighting

20. February 2016

ALBERT in Munkebo city park

ALBERT table-bench series is designed for sites that require robust, simple park furniture. Oak planks and galvanized steel, which can be dyed as desired. The series also includes a plinth and bike racks.
Design: NATiON & KSA DESIGN + Møller & GrønborgInventarrum

16. January 2016

BLUE SERIES at sOenaes

sØnæs, near Viborg is an exciting new climate park designed by Moller and Grønborg. Here you can see BLUE in a customized design with oiled oak and name milled. Design: NATiON & KSA DESIGN + Møller & Grønborg. nola.se

16. June 2015

Lean bench

Lean benches are now set on Nässjö station and is used extensively by both seated and standing. The materials are cast aluminum and oiled oak. Design: NATiON & KSA DESIGN.  nola.se  

3. October 2014
Blå bænk, blue, urban design, bench

Blue Bench

NOLA AB has just presented “BLUE” series at the Nordic Parkkongress in Malmö. The series consists among others of this two-seater and stackable bench + a square table.  Available in oiled mahogany as well. Design: NATiON & KSA DESIGN + Møller & Grønborg. nola.se

17. September 2014
handicapbestik, bestik for alle, cutlery for all, handicap cutlery, woman design

SELECT cutlery at MoMA exhibition

SELECT cutlery – on the market for 26 years is at the moment showing in the special exhibition DESIGNING MODERN WOMEN 1890-1990 at MoMA. The exhibition is arranged by Juliet Kinchin and runs till September 21th

See article

1. April 2014


NATiON and KSA Design has recently worked with the Belgian company URBASTYLE – specialists in urban furniture of concrete. The first result of this collaborative work is the bench TURTLE. The bench is expected to be completed with at bin and bike-rack. Design: NATiON + KSA DESIGN. See

14. October 2013
Pullert,bollard, LED, rotationsymetrick

Mini Becco

Becco has got a baby brother. The bollard version of the park lamp Becco is now on the market. The series is designed to provide an effective light based on energy-efficient LED technology – without dazzling. Design: Grønlund + KSA DESIGN.


7. September 2013


With a grant from The Danish Arts Foundation the study trip of the year headed for Zollverein in Essen / Ruhr, Germany. A very inspiring visit with interesting examples of outdoor elements, Red Dot Museum, Design School by SANAA Architects in addition to the historic mining area, which is listed in UNESCOs World Heritage Site.

4. October 2012

Lokalefællesskab med MG Landskabsarkitekter

Pr. 1. September har KSA Design fået lokale i MGarkitekters dejlige domicil med udsigt over hele havnen og mulighed for at supplere hinandens netværk og kompetencer.

Flere produktserier er undervejs.


11. September 2012
Byrumsinventar, beton, urban design, concrete, bollard, pullert, bicycle stand, cykelholder, cykel, led, solar cell

JELLO er landet

KSA DESIGN has, in collaboration with NATiON, developed the innovative urban element “Jello”. “Jello” is the first product of its kind. A shining focal point at night. A mobile bollard. A place to rest. A space for bicycles. “Jello” is casted in concrete and equipped with solar-powered LED light that turns on and off automatically. JELLO is negotiated by Out-Sider A/S

6. May 2012

Spanien kalder

The Danish Arts Foundation has awarded KSA Design with a travel grant to studies in Spain. The purpose of the trip is primarily to visit the traditional concrete manufacturers of street furniture – and study Spanish urban spaces and -furniture.

1. May 2011

Models from robot laboratory

The board of Science, Technology and Innovation has awarded KSA Design with a “knowledge voucher” which gives advantage of using the DTI robot laboratory.

The first model is under development: An urban element made of concrete.

1. February 2011

Få tilskud til designrådgivningen

Are you a small business – with less than 5 employees – and has ambitions to grow, there are grants available for design consultancy.

3. October 2010

Grafisk identitet til DABYFO

KSA Design designs and coordinates the new visuel identity for DABYFO.


2. June 2010

Mini-ildsted med bio-ethanol til SIRIUS A/S

In cooperation with Grønlund Design, KSA Design has developed and designed a small fireplace for garden and terrace, which burns with the environmentally friendly bio-ethanol.

www.sirius.dk >

1. May 2010
Byrumsinventar, beton, urban design, concrete, bench, bænk, bollard, pullert

VEKSØ A/S lances concrete bench and bollards

Outdoor Series ROMA take advantage of the concrete materiale as a plastic material. At night the elements appears as luminous sculptures using LED light source and can guide the traffic and pedestrians.

Design: KSA Design in cooperation with Grønlund Design

1. August 2008

md – International Magazine of Design

When the theme was European Design – KSA Design was one of the two chosen danish design companies exposed.

Read article (PDF)


8. February 2008

Beton awards

KSA DESIGN has just delivered the NORDIC CONCRETE AWARD / Danish Concrete Association and SUSTAINABLE CONCRETE AWARD / Danish Concrete



8. February 2008

Strøm emballageudvikling – networking partner

Holger and Enda Strøm, specialists in constructions for boxes of corrugated cardboard, can make the drawings as well as the prototypes for the most fantastic constructions.

Together we develop the total concept.

Holger is also the man who’s behind the IQ Light

1. January 2008

Day of Concrete

Karin Schou Andersen has been invited to join the Danish Concrete Association 60 years Anniversary on September 20th – with speech, exhibition and design af Anniversary –gift.


10. September 2007

Concretedesign in Gotland, Sweden

Karin Schou Andersen visits 5 companies in Gotland, Sweden, all with expertise in concrete design. Hanne Kruse, journalist is giving reports to Danish papers and magazines

10. September 2007

Specialist judge at the High Court

Karin Schou Andersen, judge at the Maritime and Commercial Court has also been appointed specialist judge at the High Court

2. June 2007

Concrete Design 2007…

Workshops, exhibitions and seminars several places in DK. KSA took the initiative, found the money and realised this project in cooperation with Dansk Betonforening, ID-forum in Horsens and the Scool of Architecture in Aarhus. The aim was to challenge the concrete  industrial design products and create dialogue between the concrete – and the design industry.


15. May 2007

Danish Packaging Fair 2007, 6-8 Marts

Karin Schou Andersen held a speach “How do we develop packaging that Works”

Read about the speech

8. March 2007

Grønlund Design – coorporating partner

See www.groenlunddesign.com

Groenlund Design and Karin Schou Andersen Design are now having several new products coming up.  First ones are expected to be on the market in spring 2009.

10. February 2007

”Befria din produkt” – international packagingkonference in Stockholm

Karin Schou Andersen currently follows the development concerning packagingdesign and design usability.

Read article (PDF)


6. July 2006

Dean Bellefleur, D-idea -international partner

Dean Bellefleur, D-idea – developer and project manager with more than 20 years of International experience from TetraPak has since June 1st become the new partner.


2. June 2006

Aid product of the year – Karin Schou Andersen professional judge

REHAB scandinavia 2006 – in the Bella Center, Copenhagen.

45 product were nominated – TRUST bathchair was the Winner

28. May 2006

In-house designer at Suhrs Husholdningsskole, Copenhagen

Karin Schou Andersen has been appointed as permanent consultant and sparring partner in connection with questions concerning design and graphics.

In addition, Karin Schou Andersen Design solves and controls all specific design assignments.

6. February 2006

Select cutlery in Centre Pompidou, Paris

The Select cutlery series– “cutlery for all” – from 1981, has been accepted as part of the permanent design collection in Centre Pompidou, Paris, as of January 2006.

3. January 2006

Position of trust. Specialist judge at the Maritime and Commercial Court

As of 1 January 2006, Karin Schou Andersen has been appointed specialist judge at the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen and in Aarhus.

3. January 2006